Penthouse apartment with views over the Surry Hills

Mr & Mrs Smits contacted us through the Velux certified installers program in 2016

I made arrangements for a meeting soon after as they wanted guidance on their upcoming renovation project on their listed property that they had recently purchased in Guildford Surrey and the possibility’s of increasing the natural daylight in various different rooms.

As usual armed with my stepladder, tape measure, laptop and Velux brochure I measured the sloping ceilings and they were all the same depth so decided that it would be best to keep all the windows the same depth and only vary the width depending on any restrictions in the smaller rooms – my thinking behind this was that keeping the windows the same depth would make them look natural together like they had always existed in the building.

We looked through the broacher together and Mr & Mrs Smits were drawn to the double combination windows and they felt that they were different to a typical single roof window and that they offered a better solution as opposed to single larger windows.

We decided on the combination sizes being MK08 780mm wide x1180mm high and for the bathrooms to scale down the widths to compliment the celling size.

I explained the difference in opening operation and that top hung windows would be more suited with the handle being on the bottom of the window and easier to reach, with top hung windows opening outwards they also do not restrict the head height in such a way that a center pivot window would – I also recommended the internal finish be the same throughout in white maintenance-free polyurethane requires no cleaning or repainting – but may be wiped with a soft damp cloth. For me this is by far the best finish and build quality that Velux offer and is perfect to protect the strong wooden core from moisture – The white finish lightens up the room and lets the sun fill the entire surrounding space.

The maintenance-free window 

With the building being listed I submitted our quotation and proposals with the windows as Velux conservation and recessed flashings meaning that the external finish is black with a traditional glazing bar through the middle and the recessed flashings making the window sit lower into the tiled roof compared to a standard Velux roof window – For the windows to be conservation style with top hung opening operation and white polyurethane finish they were needed to be made as special orders, Velux are such an easy and professional company to deal with on these matters and my project coordinator is always on hand to offer solid information and advise.

During our meting we also discussed their leaking flat roof that was holding water and flooding, we provided our specification/ quotation to re-run the roof falls finished in the “Cure It” fibreglass grp system that is covered under manufactures warranty for 25 year – whilst removing the flat roofs coverings it was decided that two Velux sun tunnels traveling through the ceiling void would distribute light evenly into the bathroom ceiling, we went for two tunnels as they let in slightly less light than a typical Velux roof window. Velux sun tunnels make it possible to bring natural light to every corner of your home – also to those areas where traditional roof windows are not an option. Even on a cloudy day, these cost-effective ‘tunnels’ provide as much light as a conventional 60 watt bulb. The exterior design matches that of other VELUX products.

Easily installed between your roof and ceiling it floods any area with natural light and is virtually maintenance free. From the outside the sun tunnel looks just like a Velux roof window. However, beneath this discreet exterior is an amazing, flexible or rigid tunnel

I was extremely pleased when our proposals passed through the planning process with no other requests to our suggested specifications.

All in all we fitted two double combination Velux roof windows to the lounge, two single Velux roof windows in two single bathrooms, one single Velux roof window over the stairway, one double Velux roof window combination to the bedroom and two Velux sun tunnels to the flat roof/ bathroom on suit including the replacement flat roof in the style of a lead finish with grp roll detail – All windows were fitted with chrome venetian blind to compliment the existing vertical windows.

We provided for scaffolds where required and plaster finish, the decoration was undertaken by separate contractors so unfortunately we did not get to see the finished product.

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