The recipe for a great kitchen – Teddington

Three windows placed high in the ceiling fill the kitchen with even daylight to the entire kitchen and open up the space. Not only do they provide optimum lighting for cooking, they also funnel steam, smoke and cooking odors out of the home – Whenever possible, we recommend placing roof windows above the working and dining areas to ensure the best possible light and ventilation where it is needed the most. These out-of-reach VELUX INTEGRA roof windows can be opened and closed with a hand held smart control pad.

Julian contacted us through the Velux certified installers program in February of 2017

I made arrangements for a meeting on a Sunday morning as this worked best with him and his wife’s busy schedule – They had looked at the Velux website and wanted guidance on their upcoming kitchen project and the possibility’s of increasing the natural daylight.

We sat down together and I explained the possibility’s that they had available to them with their single story pitched slate roof and sloping timber ceiling.

Armed with my stepladder, tape measure, laptop and Velux brochure I measured the ceiling and divided it accordingly drawing on my notebook and giving options in sizes for two and three windows to be fitted – showing photographs of our previous project undertaken on the laptop. We imagine these projects as my own home and take in what would be most cost effective and practical yet still giving the best appearance and allow most daylight to be gained.

We had a great ceiling area available and almost no restrictions – my primary suggestion was for three windows PK08 940 wide x140 high – for me this distributed the light evenly across the room and worked well with the depth and width of the ceiling – Julian and Dee almost fell of their stools when I mapped out the size of the windows with tape on the ceiling and initially shocked at their large sizeI mentioned that in my experience I had not come across a customer that had regrets of going to big but it has been the case with choosing windows that are to small that did not compliment the ceiling space – we discussed smaller sizes and agreed that I would provide the costs for each in my quotation and that they would need time to think it over.

I pointed out that in a kitchen environment where moisture would be present that I would choose the white polyurethane internal finish as opposed to pine or white painted as this would be more suitable to long term maintenance free protection along with reflecting the light in a classy manner.

Then for the game changer – I explained how with the windows positions and height that it would be difficult to open and close with the manual windows and telescopic opening pole, electric or solar Integra operation for me was a must and blinds to control the light when required all conveniently operated with a hand held smart pad – they loved this proposal!

During our meting we also went through various roof repairs that were required and that had come up on the survey when they purchased the property, this included replacing a lead valley, removing a small chimney and various slate repairs around the perimeter of the roof.

I gave them a full colour Velux product brochure to keep showing all window costs and then went away and worked on their quotation including different specifications for windows sizes and opening operations and the complete finish of all works, relocating down lights, timber recesses etc. I was very happy when they accepted and arranged their booking with them for April, I get a lot of satisfaction when customers put their trust in our company to undertake their works and find the challenge highly motivating.

26th April 2017


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